Monday, January 21, 2013

It's VOTING TIME - starts today and ends on the 28th!

I love that each picture shows a different style of EmotiBums: soaker leggings, shorties, and a size 1 Doubles :-)

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Friday, January 11, 2013

Milestone Celebration -- 500 Fans on Facebook ! ! !

Exiting news -- EmotiBums has reached the milestone of 500 FANS ON FACEBOOK!  At least 500 people out there liked EmotiBums enough to LIKE my facebook page.  Thank you everyone :-)

EmotiBums is celebrating by giving away two custom items (winner to pay for shipping only).  The festivities start on January 11th and run for ONE WEEK (ending January 18th)!

Two ways to win:

1 -- enter my drawing; winner will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter

a Rafflecopter giveaway
2 -- enter a photo of your little one wearing EmotiBums, photos with the most votes will win

Please EMAIL your entry photo to ME!  I'll post the photos here on my blog and let the voting commence (vote by comments; one comment per individual please).  Entries for the photo contest are accepted beginning January 11th and the last day to submit is January 18th; voting will run for FIVE DAYS ONLY, ending January 23rd.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Share YOUR EmotiView!

Writing up a product review can be a hassle.  I do my fair share of online shopping, and have received MANY emails from online vendors, asking me to review the product I received.  So I go to do it, and I write it, but then I have to register or log-in to post the review.  Often I'm in a rush and just close the page instead.  I don't want to register, I don't want to log-in, I just want to post my anonymous review and be finished.  But then I feel a little guilty -- especially as I rely on reviews when I'm in the decision-making process.


I recently read some ideas on how to encourage product reviews, and I'm ready to give one a shot.  EmotiBums is going to have a review drive:  "Share YOUR EmotiView"  I'll even make it retroactive back to August 1st, 2012 for folks who have posted reviews recently -- just cause I'm nice like that ;-)

Is this a contest?  Well, no, it's a REVIEW drive.  It's my way of encouraging you to show your support of EmotiBums by posting feedback online.  Any feedback, even if you were a little disappointed.  I really want people to be totally, completely, unabashedly honest.  And my way of thanking you will be to hold a drawing at the end.  THREE lucky reviewers will receive a 50% discount on any custom EmotiBums of their choice.

Places to leave feedback:

DiaperPin (I love this place, did a lot of review-reading when I started investigating cloth diapers)
EmotiBums on DiaperPin

EmotiBums WAHM feedback

Etsy (if you purchased through Etsy)
EmotiBums on Etsy

Hyena Cart (if you purchased through Hyena Cart)
EmotiBums on Bitty Fluff

I'm sure there are other spots are out there as well! 

Are you interested in participating?  Please leave me a comment HERE on my blog, or send me an email at, that includes a link to your review.  Each person will receive ONE entry total, not one per review (although I wouldn't mind if you wanted to write a bunch of reviews anyway). 

My EmotiView drive starts now!  The date range for reviews runs from 08-01-2012 to 02-02-2013.  Good luck, and thank you :-)

Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY Cork Message Center

This is an idea for something that you can make yourself for under $20.  A great way to utilize empty wall space, in our case the hallway wall space.

Materials: empty picture frame, cardboard, cork, hot glue, fabric, eye screws, picture wire, Command hooks

Wooden frame - free (we've had this out in our garage ever since the mirror broke during a move, over ten years ago).  It's around 35 years old, maybe more, which makes it a VINTAGE frame:

Dimensions ~24" x 30"

REAL patina, formed from years of use, abuse, and storage
Cardboard - free, easily found at Costco:

Cut to fit in frame using a box cutter

Cork tiles - $8:

Thanks Amazon!

Hot glue tiles onto cardboard:

Work quickly, that glue cools fast

Fabric - $2 - $3.  I forgot to take a picture of the fabric, but I used cotton drill from the local fabric shop.  Drill is a canvas-like utility fabric: durable, neutral, and inexpensive.

Iron fabric, cut to fit, and wrap snugly around the cork/cardboard.  It's been a few months since I made this message center, but I think I hot-glued the fabric to the back, pulling it tightly, and then taped the edges down with packing tape.  Secure the cork/cardboard/fabric layer into the frame (I used the old staples that were already in the frame, from when it held a mirror).

Not so pretty in the back, but that will be our little secret
My husband changed the position of the screws and picture wire, I think he re-used what was already on the frame:
Working together to prepare message center for hanging

Ready for installation

I love Command hooks, and I had extras on-hand, so I hung it on the wall with four hooks.  Although it was supposed to be temporary, they are working out so well it will probably be permanent:

Hung up, ready to use

Fast-forward to today, about four months post-project.  We currently use the board for my boys' charts (a behavior chart, a reading log, and a potty chart).  I used drill scraps to sew hanging pockets to hold stickers; although we did have a minor fiasco of the boys adding stickers to their charts without permission, they don't  do it any more!  

This little center hangs in the hallway, so I can't take a head-on photo.  However, it shows you that a hallway can become a functional space in your home. 

I did not use all the cork squares from the package, four full square and two partial squares remain.  I would like to cover them in fabric as well, maybe something with a little color, and hang them up as well in another part of the house.  I will not mount them on cardboard or a frame, just arrange them on the wall as they are.  Next time I'm at the fabric shop, I'll check for something exciting in the clearance home decor fabric section -  I have a great space for them in the kitchen!

Friday, June 22, 2012

June Veggie Garden - mini tour!

Several years ago, my husband built a raised bed for our veggie garden...after a few seasons of "meh" gardens (and him telling me that if I wanted a better garden we needed a raised bed).  It's about 5' wide and 11' long, a decent size considering that we live in an area with small homes (1200 sq feet here) and small yards (0.17 acres, with a large FRONT yard). 

The garden mainly gets western sun, not as ideal as southern exposure, but you gotta work with what you've got, right?!  Last year my husband added a board across the middle, mainly because our boys kept laying a board across the middle and using it as a balance beam.  Now the boys get their board but it's much safer (being attached and cut to a proper length).  It's actually convenient to use if you want to reach something right in the middle without stepping into the garden.

It's June, and the garden is starting to come into it's own:

My favorite plants in the garden are not the vegetables, it's the nasturtiums!  Although the flowers and leaves are edible (with a peppery flavor) I prefer to let them grow, looking pretty and attracting pollinators.  The nasturtiums this year are a bonus, re-seeded from last year's plants (or maybe even the year before, I can't remember when I planted seeds). 

A few other flowers play nice as well, re-seeding every year without taking over; adding color and attracting bees.  My boys LOVE to pick flowers, so I like growing these; they are prolific, pretty, and pick-able:

Ensign Blue bush morning glory 

Sweet Alyssym

Here's an easy veggie -- zucchini squash.  The leaves are huge and they shade out straggling weeds.  And they very generously give LOTS of zucchini:

Zucchini flower and a bee

Zucchini ready to pick.  They grow fast, so if I forget to pick it today or tomorrow, we'll have a giant zucchini to deal with.  The bigger ones have larger, tougher seeds and, sometimes, dry and spongy flesh.

I'm also growing Swiss chard -- this plant seems to be a perennial here in our Sunset Zone 9/14 climate, as well as a prolific re-seeder.  I have chard growing near the boys' swingset and along the outside of the garden.  The aphids like chard, so I have to make sure and wash the leaves thoroughly.
Swiss chard -- an easy green.  Add small/young fresh leaves to a salad, or chop and sautee the large leaves with garlic and pepper for a warm side dish.  You can also mince the leaves and hide them in spaghetti sauce ;-)  

My pumpkin vines are from seed I saved when I bought an heirloom 'Rouge Vif d'Etampes' last year
 -- a Cinderella pumpkin.  I hope they will produce a few pumpkins...Cinderella pumpkins are gorgeous: deep orange/red, sort of flattened and round, and sweet!  I love to make pumpkin bread in the winter, so if we get 3-4 small or medium pumpkins I'll be set.  Of course, I will be thrilled if we get even more, but I need to stay realistic.  So far the vines have gotten large and teased me with male flowers, but I think they're finally getting ready to do more:

Female flower on a 'Rouge Vif d'Etampes' heirloom pumpkin...  To all the bees out there, don't hold out on me.  PLEASE visit this flower when it opens so the fruit can grow into a pretty, yummy pumpkin!
We're also growing several tomatoes in the garden: yellow pear tomatoes, some cherry tomatoes, Celebrity, Early Girl, and other plants I don't recall the names.  I'm not sure if this is the heirloom or the Celebrity, but it's getting big :-)  I love fresh, warm tomatoes straight from the garden. 

Not pictured are a few cucumber vines, my banana pepper plants, and a parsley.  I'm also going to put out some mesclun seed mix in a spot that's relatively shady now that our trees have gotten bigger. 

This garden is pretty average, with what I consider an average yield.  I try to compost kitchen scraps and leaves, amending the soil prior to the next planting season.  In fall I try to grow cool-season plants for a winter garden...still trying to figure that out though.  But mainly I enjoy getting out, working in the dirt, and tending to the plants.  So far the boys have taken a mild interest in helping out, and I hope they will continue to participate as they grow.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring update!

In March, I announced on EmotiBum's facebook page that I was taking a hiatus from custom orders during the month of April.  What I did not announce, and was not anticipating when I planned my time away from customs, was that my DH had a heart attack early in the wee hours of March 28th.  It was a surprise to all of us, and a difficult time during his hospitalization.  He is doing so much better now, and I am grateful I could dedicate more of my time to helping him recover before he returns to work at the end of the month.  He is still a young man, and after this wake-up call he is taking some huge strides toward healing and toward living a healthier life.  He was HUGELY inspired by the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" and this website full of juicing guidelines: ReBoot Your Life

So if you were wondering why things seemed a little quieter, that is the reason.  But there are a few NEW things to announce for EmotiBums! 

First, I am now offering size SMALL EmotiBums longies, shorties, capris, and soakers with gentle, stretchy, hidden elastic through the back of the waistband.  This is my new, standard design; I expect it to make dressing a little newbie a LOT easier if you are using EmotiBums fleece as your pull-on style breathable diaper cover!

Second, EmotiBums Size 1 Doubles snapping fleece covers will be available at Bitty Fluff on Hyena Cart starting in May!  Here's a preview of what I'm working on for the May 4th stocking :

And a Size 1 Doubles tester on a little guy, just in case you wanted to see how they fit!  I think he's about 11 lbs here, with a prefold under his Doubles.  The rise is folded down, you you can see he has quite a bit of room to grow:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dark blue is HERE!

I like the weight and feel of this new fleece.  And the color: deep dark blue, but not so dark that you think it might be black!  Until now, my darkest blue, "Rain", was comparable to faded denim.  This one is more like new jeans/navy blue/dark cobalt. 

It just needs a name...

This blog post is my official announcement that the contest is OPEN :-)

Like before, please comment here on my blog with your suggestions.  I'll leave naming open for a week, then will choose my favs and ask people to vote for the one they like most.  I'll leave voting open for just a few days.  The person who suggests the winning name will receive a 50% discount on an EmotiBums of their choice (in-stock item or custom, shipping excluded).

Good luck!